The African Model United Nations is a non-profit independent organization that aims to become an internationally distinguished and leading Model United Nations Simulation Conference.

The initial Philosophy of the African Model United Nations is “Unity in Union” and with this we hope to continue to establish a network of highly competent (and trained) young African individuals from around the world who seek experience in the field of international relations and diplomacy.

The African Model United Nations is to serve as a platform for African students to voice, deliberate and find solutions for African problems.
We believe that the MUN experience which engages all students in the two-way process of problem solving and consensus building and fosters leadership and positive engagement through discussion and debate easily permits students to discuss Africa’s most pressing problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality simulation where African youth can facilitate intercultural exchange, new knowledge in leadership, public-speaking, time-management, negotiations, goal-setting from both an African and global perspective.

By providing a UN / AU and Regional Bodies Simulation Experience, we aim to assist our delegates in becoming critical thinkers, formulating ideas in an eloquent manner, enhancing their diplomatic skills and, most significantly, developing their knowledge on contemporary issues relevant to the African continent within the international community.

The African Model United Nations aims to forms future ethical leaders with a global vision involved in solving international issues peacefully through multilateral collaboration.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the African Model United Nations to become a space for African youth to be able to voice out their thoughts and ideas on how they can make a difference in their continent.

We hope that AFRO|MUN fosters African dialogue focused on peaceful solutions and participants will be distinguished for their high academic and research skills as well as for participation in actions towards social responsibility.

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.