The refugee crisis and it’s hindrance to domestic cultures at the expense of diversity.

The refugee crisis has had clash of civilizations, religious and cultural effect and rise of populism in Europe.

Protection and preservation mechanisms towards guarding historical sites and pilgrimages.

ISIS recently destroyed the ancient city of Palmyra and its historical artifacts which called for the protection and even prosecution of those with the intend to erase history.


How to prevent economics from falling into recession and preventing the likelihood of another economic meltdown.

What are the lessons that can be taken from the 2008 economic crisis, who/what caused it and how can such economic catastrophes be prevented in future.

The impact of Trans economic and trade pacts upon global development.

What is the essence of Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific pacts upon world economies?


1. Counter efforts to global deforestation and demand for urban development mining activities.

Forests and wetlands are being cleared to pave way for urban and inner city development.

Impact of Green economic policies upon the demand of industrialization for Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Green economic policies and green energy urge has had spiral effort on developing nations who are to get into industrialization.


Is there a need of reform to the United Nations Security Council or dismantlement?

Protest over misrepresentation and power held by minority group of countries and the old legacy of WWII.

Should the rules of engagement be uttered upon humanitarian intervention?

Does the legality of the rules of engagement comprehend with humanitarian intervention in the 21st century?

African Union

Absolute solutions for developing countries to penetrate the world markets and bridge the technological gap.

Africa for a long time has played the role of import and many questions on why the continent has not been able to do much export. The continent has also lagged behind in technological advancement.

Unemployment along with a rapid growth in population contribution to conflicts and violence.

The rise of high unemployment rates in correlation with population growth has led to radicalization, young to join rebel groups and some to join gangs in urban cities/centers across the continent.

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